Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Episode 33: Art in the Arts (part I- film)

As self-proclaimed nerds, you won't find the Arts & Facts crew missing out on the subtle references to important pieces of art within different movies and television. In fact, we get positively giddy when we see a Gaugin or Vermeer in the background on a set. Nothing is better, of course, than works that point straight to artists and their arts.

Several movies have come out in past several years that involve the topic of Art History.

Woody Allen's most recent film, Midnight in Paris, mixes past and present in a montage of famous artists that the main character, Gil, gets to meet. (Our favorite is "DALI!"... with the enthusiastic wave of his hand.)

The Da Vinci Code, originally a controversial novel and HIGHLY fictionalized story involving mystery, action, and the most famous pieces by the renaissance artist named in the title, became a hit film. The way Dan Brown (fictionally) played with interpretation gave an interesting look at how art can be viewed and discussed... even if it was fictional.

Did we mention that the story is fictional?

And of course we can't miss such films about specific artists like Girl with  Pearl Earring, and Pollock.


And in case you missed it on our facebook page, even the Looney Tunes had some fun with art:

(Can you name all the pieces of art that Bugs and that gang go through? First person to do so in a comment below will win a print from Marie!)


  1. The Persistence of Memory, The Scream, Moulin Rouge la Goulue, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grane Jatte.


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