Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Episode 37: What You'll See at the Woodbury

We had the opportunity to have our very own curator on the podcast: Melissa Hempel!

Not only will we tell you what you'll see at the museum, but Melissa gave us an inside peek at what it takes to be a curator!

The Woodbury Museum of Art (or the WAM) operates as a non-profit museum, there for the public and (especially) UVU students to experience artwork.

Their exhibit coming up in October has pieces of Soviet art such as Victor Sevastyanov's Harvesting from the 1970's.

 Many of the pieces that will be up are on loan from private collectors, so this will certainly be a show to see! The opening is October 16th, so get over and see the wonderful exhibit Melissa and the staff at the WAM are putting up!

Also, you will always find great pieces in their permanent collection. Here are a couple examples, but you will definitely want to go check these out for yourselves!

Frenchies by Jessica McCoy

Violinist W. Eugene Smith

To find out more about the WAM and to find a time to go, check out their website here.

For UVU students, don't forget to be getting ready for the student show in the spring!!!

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  1. I like your new jingle. i'm not a art student yet but i'm sort of preparing for it. So i'm really thankfull for all your work and effort in making these podcasts. Manny thanks and greetings from holland.


    P.S. In Willem de Kooning the oo's are pronounced as a short o as in, bow, not like racoon. Thank you.


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