Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Episode 45: Angels Among Us

Rembrandt, The Sacrifice of Abraham, 1635

Waterhouse, The Annunciation, 1914 

Rossetti, Annunciation, 1865
Campin, The Merode Altarpiece, 1425-1428

Cimabue, Madonna and Child, 1280-1285

Raphael, Sistine Madonna, 1513-1514

Lippi, Madonna and Child with Angels, c. 1467


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for all the podcasts - I've really enjoyed them so far! :)

    This podcast made me think of a very popular Finnish painting, "The Wounded Angel" (1903) by Hugo Simberg. Simberg portrayed devils as sympathetic and angels as fragile, vulnerable creatures. You can find information about The Wounded Angel at

    By the way, Simberg also did a series of paintings with death motif (some of them really humorous) which might be interesting to check out also. He thought that life and death, good and evil were just different shades of the same thing and that opposites are a part of life, so death was shown as something comforting, almost like a guardian angel of sorts (more info: which I thought was interesting.

    How different artists have depicted death through different eras might be a cool (albeit morbid) subject...?

    Keep up the great work, ladies! :)

    - Auri from Helsinki, Finland.

    1. Oooo interesting! Thank you Auri!
      Carrie Espinoza


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