Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Episode 52: Steampunk

Carrie and I may have geeked out on Steampunk just a little. It happens when you spend your days, nights and the wee hours of the morning studying art and art history…it’s a curse of the obsessed!

I know I wouldn’t mind a corset and a top hat and maybe a monocle just to finish off the outfit! The clothes are amazing, so are the fictional and functional machines that creative minds design and build. I’m sure H.G. Wells and Jules Vern would be in hog heaven, there’s no doubt about it! But where did the whole idea of Steampunk come from? Where did the name come from and where is this all going?

You’ll have to listen to the podcast and find out! (It’s all a part of our dastardly plan…mwahahahah!)



Aeroflorale II by French artists Compagnie La Machine, Dessau, Germany

Spider by Compagnie La Machine

Forevertron Park by Tom Every “Dr Evermore” 1983

1987 cover art by Wayne Barlowe

2011 cover art by John Coulthart

You can check out Carrie’s favorite Steampunk jewelry Etsy shop here.

Next week our newest podcast member Lauren and I talk about Art Restoration! There’s a new episode up every Wednesday and now our Short but Sweet episodes will be up every Monday starting February 11th, so make sure and check it out.

See you then,

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