Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Episode 56: Romanesque Architecture

Romanesque architecture developed after the Roman's and before Gothic style after 1000 AD.

Some of the characteristics of Romanesque architecture are rounded arches, heavy masonry, small windows, and barrel and groin vaults. The rounded arches centered the heavy weight of the masonry and made it possible for stone roofs to be built, although they weren't quite strong enough. Windows had to be kept small and buttresses were added to the design to keep the walls from buckling under the weight.

Decoration was very minimal in Romanesque architecture which was very popular with some monastic orders, but the strength of the fortification was popular with warring Kings. Because of this you will see fortresses, like the White Tower at the Tower of London and churches, like the Chapter House Abbey de Fontenay in Burgundy, France.

Chapter House, Abbaye (Abbey) de Fontenay (Interior)

Chapter House, Abbaye (Abbey) de Fontenay (Exterior)

St. Michael’s Church Hildesheim, Germany
built between 1010 and 1020
St. Michael’s Church Hildesheim, Germany (Interior)

White Tower, Tower of London, ca. 1066-1078

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