Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Episode 58: John Singer Sargent

Join Carrie and Lauren as they explore the universe of 19th and 20th century artist John Singer Sargent. This man danced among the elite of the Belle Epoque, and is famous for his innumerable portraits of the European and American aristocracy. Learn about the scandal behind his most famous work, Madame X, and the lesser known, but equally beautiful, watercolors that he produced in the later part of his oeuvre. 

Sargent, Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose, 1887

Sargent, Madam X, 1883

Sargent, Self Portrait

Sargent, Artist in the Simplon, ca. 1909

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  1. Hi - loved listening to your J.S.Sargent podcast today! Thought you'd like to know that I have written an historical novel, just published last month, about Sargent and the scandal of Madame X and his "high-flying" years in Paris. Check it out at my blog all about Sargent and my book: The structure of the book is that the "portraits" tell his story from their various points of view -- his friends and sitters, like Ralph Curtis, Vernon Lee, the Boit family, Madame X and Carroll Beckwith amont them. It was a lot of fun doing the research for this novel, and readers have written to me saying they've "fallen in love" with John and his friends and would like me to write a sequel!

  2. Awesome! Thank you!
    Carrie Espinoza

  3. Is there a way to hear this without downloading Apple's App?


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