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Episode 106: Christian Dior: Fashion Designer

Christian Dior
This week Jo and Alisha will delve into the world of fashion for the first time on Arts & Facts and talk about Christian Dior.

Dior was born in Granville, France in January 1905. His father wanted his son to go into politics but Christian was interested in the arts. He opened a successful art gallery with a business partner which closed during the Great Depression.

During World War II, one of Christian's sisters fought in the Resistance and was eventually caught and sent to a concentration camp. She was eventually released and Christian created his first perfume in her honor, Miss Dior.

While Paris was occupied during WWII Christian got a lot of experience in fashion design creating clothes for Nazi officers and their wives. Not the most glamorous way to become a fashion designer, but he did learn a lot.

The House of Dior was founded December 16, 1946. His first collection was shown in 1947.

Bar Suit from the New Look Collection, 1947 & example of his full skirt design
The House of Dior is known for it's fabulous evening gowns. Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a place to wear such a creation in this day and age?

Junon Evening Dress, Autumn/Winter 1949-50

Dior's first accessories 1949



In 1955 Yves Saint Laurent, who was only nineteen at that time, came to work with Dior. He apparently made a huge impression because two years later Dior told Saint Laurent's mother he had chosen her son to succeed him. This was rather bizarre at the time because Dior was only 52 years old, and showed no signs of ill health. Later that year on October 24, 1957, Dior suffered a fatal heart attack.

Yves Saint Laurent after Dior's funeral 
We hope you enjoyed this episode on Christian Dior. If you enjoyed learning more about fashion on Arts & Facts please let us know in the comments and tell us which designers we should talk about in the future.

Next Wednesday will be another Short but Sweet! Have a great week!

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