Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Artists and their Muses Revisited

For the summer we are putting up new episodes every other week and giving you another chance to listen to old episodes!

The Muse has always been attached to the artist in one form or another.
Three Graces

Just before the Renaissance, there were many ancient sculptures that were being discovered and inspiring artists. The Three Graces inspired the use of the female form as a representation to the muse.

Pastoral Symphony by Titian

This is an example of the Three Graces being implemented in painting.

Bathsheba at her Bath by Rembrandt

Although his wife made sure Rembrandt couldn't marry his mistress after her death, he consistently used her within his works of art.


Luncheon on the Grass
Street Singer

These are all pieces by Manet, who found himself using Victorine (his "muse") often in his art.

Make sure you catch the Elizabeth Gilbert Ted Talks presentation this episode was inspired by-- in fact, Elizabeth can be said to have been the muse for the podcast brought to you today!

Who's your muse?

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