Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Episode 32: The Medicis

Have you ever waken up one morning and thought "I'd really like to rule the world today." Well we have the perfect family for you to follow if this is what you'd like to do! (Everyone needs a good mentor after all.)

Step 1: Specialize in a needed field of work. (i.e. Banking)
Step 2: Marry off your women to important figures, politicians, and, ideally, Kings of France.
Step 3: Become patrons to important artists that will make sure your name goes down in the history books!

Giovanna Medici-- he started it all

This is one of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, Cosimo I. There were also a few Medici who held the papal throne in Rome, becoming popes and prominent figures in the church.

Catherine de Medici: wife, mother, queen... glove poisoner.

Marie de Medici was a more beloved queen, but had some of the same political pull as Catherine.

For more details, listen to the podcast. Good luck and arrivederci!

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