Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Episode 31: Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock makes for an interesting artist to start a discussion of the value of art. As an abstract expressionist, Pollock created gigantic paintings that incorporated his "Jack the Dripper" style.

Lavender Mist, 1950

Pollock's work method

While Pollock was a trained artist, these paintings were done with experimental medium... particularly house paints and cardborad. Not so great for archiving, Pollock. Still, there was a Pollock that sold for $50 million dollars...

In step Teri Horton. This 73 year old trucker found a "Jackson Pollock" for five dollars at the thrift store. Since then, she's been trying to get the painting authenticated.

While she's received offers in the millions already, she's looking for the big 50 in the front of all those zeros and half the art world agree that she has, indeed, found a Jackson Pollock.

What do you think? Pollock or Knock off?

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